Laura Magpali

Reiki Master Teacher

Hello. I’m Laura Magpali, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and a retired certified Bowenwork instructor and practitioner.

Meet Laura Magpali, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and retired certified Bowenwork instructor and practitioner.

Laura has invested over 20 years dedicated to the elimination of unresolved pain or dysfunction. Her primary tools are Bowenwork and Reiki, both known to address the physical and emotional effects of long-term or mounting stress and trauma. 

These modalities blend well together to assist the physical and the emotional factors contributing to your discomfort. She operates from the premise that healthcare be provided in a manner that is nurturing, affordable, and above all, effects a lasting improvement.

Bowenwork™ is a gentle, hands-on system of healing that resets the body’s tension and compensation patterns so the body can heal itself. Both therapies are safe for people of all ages, and conditions, and are effective for treating a wide variety of physical concerns. 

As with Bowenwork™, Reiki also helps speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other medical symptoms the client may be experiencing.

Reiki draws people who are seeking an emotional or psycho/spiritual approach to healing. At its core, Reiki stimulates inner peace and one’s personal sense of direction. As the inner noise and static is calmed, the recipient’s inner truth is allowed to come forward.

Combining these two therapies can be very helpful for some clients. For example, two people might come in with very similar back pain issues.  The person who is focused on the actual physical back pain would get Bowenwork™; we’re focusing on their physicality. The person who is more conscious of how their pain is related to, for example, the pressures within their marriage, or a trauma would have a combination session, so we can address their inner and their outer realities.

The word Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. The practitioner may or may not place their hands on the body according to their style or client preference. This therapy can also be received fully clothed.  This energy comes through, but not from, the practitioner, and is based on the concept that “life force energy”, the energy that causes us to be alive, flows through the practitioner.

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