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Bowenwork and pregnancy

Laura : February 13, 2015 9:14 am : Bowenwork, Healing

Bowenwork offers unique and exciting possibilities in optimizing the outcome of both mother and baby in the pre-conception, prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum situations.

Sandra Gustafson RN & midwife highlights how and why this technique is so successful:

In the first trimester, Bowenwork has been useful in managing nausea of morning sickness, fatigue and emotional fluctuations and helping the body adapt to its new state of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, it has been very helpful in relieving lower back pain, sciatica, hiccoughs, respiratory problems, even asthma and gastric discomfort such as heartburn and reflux, often eliminating the need for medications that may adversely affect the fetus.
“I have also used it in helping to arrest preterm labor by effecting relaxation of the pelvis, and often causing the fetus to shift away from the pelvic inlet and reduce the pressure on the cervix”, stated Gustafson.

She further states, “In the third trimester, I found it became even more valuable to the mother as the pelvic discomfort increased. A pregnant woman can be worked on as often as she needs relief, and can be lying down on her side or seated. Tom Bowen never charged pregnant ladies with sciatica, he had an open door policy where they could just come in as needed, four small moves around the sacrum, within 5 minutes and their pain was relieved.  I have had great success in relieving the discomforts of increased pelvic pressure resulting in varicose veins, haemorrhoids, cramping or aching in the feet, legs or groin, constipation and bladder irritations.

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